Friday, March 30, 2012

House Sitting

So, my daughter and I are house setting for a friend of ours, and you know, I had to empty out the hotel room so that we could come here! TOO MUCH WORK!!! i so badly want a place to call my own! 

 So my mind is thinking to Tuesday, and how I need to go to the neurologist, and how I need to find a place to stay.. 
when you are homeless, your mind always ends up back to thinking of where you will be staying next!

 I try not to let worry and fear creep in.. it does all to easy though! 
I have applied for disability, was denied, and now have a lawyer to appeal that decision.. I dont want it forever, just for now, so i can get my health back! one of the places I applied for called me to set up an interview! so I set up an interview, and will look for work until the disability comes through! 
 it's something I have to do if I want to get a place to live, and a vehicle! keep me in your thoughts and prayers, Iappreciate it!

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