Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Blues

Well, its Saturday, and I have a jack hammer running in my head, and I'm frustrated with my daughter! 

SOMETHING has to change! I can't keep going through all the disrespect from her. it brings me down really, and it hurts.. I left this kind of stuff when I left her dad in 1998.. im tired of walking on egg shells with her. im sure homelessness has ALOT to do with it..

 UGH! homelessness.. that word. 

I dont like the sound of it... I dont like the feeling I have because of it. so many people have expirenced it. it takes your self worth, your pride, and everything else away from you.

 One thing that has been a constant in my life is God. Always providing, always taking care of us! Thank you Lord! even when I am not faithful, He is thank you Jesus! He has put wonderful people in my life, and i am grateful. now if I could only get through this time with my daughter! 

My nerves are history... all I do is eat eat eat! hungry or not! my thoughts are scattered most of the time, and again, its frustrating! 

 I praise You Lord, and give you all the glory!

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