Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gosh, every day is such a struggle for me!

Gosh, every day is such a struggle for me! 

The depression stinks, and playing the waiting game doesnt help at all cause I don't wait very well.. being homeless doesnt help with the depression.. kinda gets my anxiety going till i have an attack... just breathe! slowly breathe in... slowly exhale...

Homelessness knows no ethnic background, social status or anything like that.. we all say " it won't happen to me " well guess what? it did... how does it make me feel? like im not good enough.. like im a bad mom.. like like like like like... yes, the devil just loves when I doubt myself, and have fear.. well get behind me satan!!

God has gotten me through ALL of this.. without Him, im nothing. WITH Him I can do all! 

I get tired... physically, and then my anxiety spikes and I have trouble breathing...this new chapter in my life has really worn me down... 

Need to make more phone calls tomorrow... maybe eat healthy tomorrow.. lol theres always hope, right! will write more later..

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