Thursday, April 19, 2012

Buy a lipstick and change a life……

My name is Linni and on the surface if you saw me in a coffee shop or in the queue at the supermarket you would think we are alike, I’m a mum and a grandmother – but I’m not like you I’m homeless and living day by day with my life in suitcases hoping that some kind soul pays my motel room bill or lends me a sofa to sleep on.

You can read how my life turned on a dime in this blog but before all this happened I used to sell Mary Kay cosmetics and I need to rebuild my life so instead of asking for hand outs or pity can you spare me the price of your daily Starbuck $3.95 unless you have the one with all the bits at $5.00 I could be then selling Mary Kay.

I need $50.00 to get my account started and then I can sell my way out of this situation I can change my life and that of my children- due to very bad health I can’t get a normal job so I am trying to work my way out of this desperate situation.

That $50.00 can give me and my children long term security and give me a way of earning my living and a lipstick will put a smile on everyone's face.