Friday, April 6, 2012

Deeper Roots.....

·       If someone waved a magic wand and sprinkled star dust on your life what would you do – if your luck changed what would be the first five things you would do? 
A:Well, the first thing I would do is thank God for blessing us! 
2) would have a home for my children and i. 
3) would have a vehicle to get us where we need to go. 
4) would try and help someone else in need.
5) would re start getting healthy. 

·       How do you stay motivated to get up and start each day
A) knowing that I need to keep looking... knowing that if I find a place, my children and I will be back together,I am the only one that can change this. I need to do MY PART 
·       What has been the biggest revelation or the revelations since being made homeless. 
A) homelessness knows no color, knows no faith, knows no " class " that we all walk around saying " it wont happen to me ". guess what.. IT CAN! that the body of Christ needs to help more.

·        Has your perception of homelessness changed since this happened to you. A) yes it has. just the fact that it can happen to ANYONE at anytime. its not because people are lazy. people have health issues, people have unforseen things happen in thier life that couldnt be prevented. 

·       What do you think the Government could do to help vulnerable families and people to help them so they don’t fall in this trap
A) the government could be a little more helpful with helping to find places..  not to judge others, and "label" them. make known their programs and such.

·       When your out of this situation how could you use this life changing experience to help others.
A) tell my story.. tell people what it was like... use this situation in my ministery. 

·       If you could look back on this experience what is the biggest lesson you have learnt ? 
A) life is too short, and precious! MAKE EVERYDAY COUNT! that God has a plan, and a purpose for everything!

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