Thursday, April 5, 2012

Reality Bites .......

As the American Dream is all about consuming and buying - imagine downsizing your life to the bare essentials 

While you are at the shelter. space is limited so you really can't have alot there. 

Clothing, shoes and pictures, and personal hygene stuff, is pretty much it.. in our room, we had 2 beds, 1 dresser, and 2 closets.

My daughter had pictures of my grand daughter, and my parents up. She decorated her closet walls with posters, those  rubber bracelets, and other items. it looked really cute!

It was hard for me, because all my pictures are elsewhere... 

 I went ahead and left personal care stuff in the bathroom.. much easier that way! When we needed anything like QTips, shampoo/conditioner, toilet paper, tooth paste etc, we would write it on a sheet and the shelter provided it~ it was nice because it really enabled people to save their money~

But living your life out of a suitcase every day is not like one of those magazine features "travelling light"

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