Thursday, April 5, 2012

Homeless Shelter - Reality

The shelter we stayed at used to be an in patient treatment center for drugs and alcohol. there were 6 rooms for famlies to sleep in. there were single moms there, moms and dads with children, and I am sure there could be single dads with children.. 

 Each family had their own room to sleep in. there were 4 full bathrooms, and 2 with just sinks and toilets.. 

Rooms 2 and 3 shared a bathroom, as well as room 4 and 5. rooms 1 and 6 had their own bathroom..

Every night each family had a chore to do. the chore list would rotate every night, so you kinda got used to what you had to do each night of the week. Some people didnt do theirs properly, and it was frustrating.

One single mom had 2 little boys that would cry, and cry loudly every morning. making you feel bad for her. all of us there got along great, and we were like one big family.

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