Tuesday, April 3, 2012

That's me off the ladder

So, needless to say, because I had used my rent money to pay for mommas cremation, in July 2010, I lost my home.. everything I owned went into storage, and we were staying at one of my daughters friends homes..

 To back track a bit, a week after momma passed away, I was hospitalized, and diagnosed with sever COPD, and Type 2 diabetes.. also, the weekend we were to move out of the house, my son fell off a 24 foot roof, shattered one heel, and broke the other...

 Staying at the friends house was ok for the most part, but for whatever reason, my unemployment from PA didn't transfere over, and I had no income.. the tension was getting to be a bit much, as the 2 best friends, (my daughter and her friend ) had a falling out..

 We had come back to my home town of Chelsea, MI to visit friends and go to the fair.. my friend asked me if I wanted to stay with her and her children for 30 days, while I got things worked out.. So, thats what we did.

 It was hard, because I was getting no income, and was sunk deep in depression... in 2010, Feb, April, Sept, and Jan 2011, we lost four family members.. Step dad, momma, uncle, and Grand mother...

 So we went to another friends home, and had been there just over a year... her life had changed, and she was now involved with a great guy, and it was time for it to be her and her family once more..

 My Son had to go stay at his girlfriends home, and my daughter and I went into a shelter in Dec of 2011. In Jan of 2012, i had major surgery; right c

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