Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Losing My Job.......

So, losing my job was just terrible, because i just LOVED it there!

 Little did I know the plans God had for me! 

At the End of August 2009, we packed everything up, and driving a U- Haul truck pulling a U-Haul trailer, we started back to MI. I was STILL arguing with the Lord about moving back!

 We pulled into Jackson MI at about 9am, 14 hours after we left Strasburg, PA. Momma was so frail looking.. she had pulmonary fibrosis, parkinsons, and sarcoid. there we 5 of us, 3 generations living in a 2 bedroom apartment. 

 My oldest daughter Stephanie and her husband were expecting their first child in September! on 11 Sept 2009, my daughter went to the hospital, and on 12 September 2009, my beautiful Grand daughter Sarah Renee was born! 

How exciting for me to be able to bein the delivery room with my daughter and son in law when my grand daughter was born!

 In Nov 2009, momma had a stroke... in Dec. 2009, my step dad's kidneys started to shut down, and he was hospitalized and then put into a rehab place so he could get his strength back.

 Sadly, that never happened.. on 13 Feb 2010, my step dad had a massive heart attack, and passed away..momma was devistated! she slowly started going down hill.. 

 I moved her in with us- I had a 4 bedroom home... it was easier that way, as I would take the kids to school in the morning, and then go to mommas and stay there; kids would come there after school, then we would go home in the evening... 

 Momma passed away 0n 25 April 2010. She fought a long and courageous battle... I used my rent money to pay for her cremation. my siblings didn't help at all... as a matter of fact, I still ow $500. 

The day of momma's memorial service my brother kept taking all the cards folks were giving us. You see... when my step dad passed, I could only pitch in $500 toward the $4,500 1day viewing, and cremation. So my brother felt that the money that was given for momma was his.. 

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